Rachel + Brandon | Nassau Valley Vineyards Wedding | Lewes, DE

Where do I even begin with these two? I can still remember the first large wedding I ever photographed, and snapping a quick photo of Rachel + Brandon, this cute little boyfriend/girlfriend couple who looked so quiet and shy. I was pretty wrong. But the picture is cute :)

Fast forward some time and as I was shooting Kristen + Matt's wedding, (Brandon's older sister) I can still hear Kristen's conversation with someone while getting ready for her big day talking about this real cute couple and how "She's going to be around for a while" and "yeah, he'll marry her". Throwing it out there like she could see the future or something.

So, naturally, when Rachel emailed me about her own wedding.. I did a small and ridiculous happy dance in my kitchen. I was almost positive I would hear from her, because it seems to be a family pattern at this point, and I feel like the Shaver's are partly my family since I have captured so many imperative moments in their lives. BUT it was still awesome and I still squealed a little when it happened. 

Rachel + Brandon are one of those couples you meet and just know that they belong with one another. They are hilarious, have big hearts, and they're head over heels for each other. Instead of stuffing your mind with a bunch of unnecessary story fluff I have just made a list of events and cute things about their wedding day that I love and will never forget.

+ Brandon's gift to Rachel was a painting of their first date. Including, Jimmie & Sook's restaurant where they had dinner and they are wearing the exact outfits in the painting that they wore on their first date BECAUSE HE RECALLED THIS FROM MEMORY. Take notes, fellas.

+ There was about 2 hours of complete pouring rain midday that flooded the original ceremony location, so Jim Grey, both families, and Nassau staff helped to move the entire ceremony over next to the little brick building. A few tears were shed, but this day was still absolute perfection.  

+ I have never seen cuter children in a bridal party in my whole life.

+ The happy couple read the sweetest letters to each other (all while not looking) before the ceremony and I melted into a big puddle of goo.

+ Brandon's reaction when he saw his bride was absolutely priceless (scroll down to see)

+ Brandon's dad gave an amazing speech that I ugly-cried my way through and could barely see well enough to look through my view-finder.

+Rachel has the biggest most beautiful smile/laugh. And even when she is crying she looks like she's still smiling and it is freaking adorable. 

I am so thankful for amazing couples like these two and I feel so blessed that I get to witness real love like this on a weekly basis. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Shaver, I love you both!

Vendors: Florals||Jim Grey,City Florist. Hair||Michele Lecates. Makeup||Leila Marie Artistry. Venue||Nassau Valley Vineyard Lewes DE. Catering||Bethany Blues. Video||His & Hers Productions.


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