Jaclyn + Ben | Alaskan Styled Elopement

A lot of you know, and are probably quite sick of hearing it by now, that I went to Alaska in August of 2017. Sarah, a close friend and wedding photographer as well, approached me last winter about a workshop in the making that took place in Alaska. I about peed my pants, and then spent the following weeks begging my husband Jon to let me drop the money to go on this trip. It didn't take too much begging, because he's amazing and always steps in as Mr. Mom when I travel. 

Fast forward to the trip. I'll quickly pass over the part where two girls aren't used to flying out of DC, and the LONG long couple of flights but once we landed in Anchorage..... Shew. I think we were like two kids in a candy store. The scenery was just UGH. Beautiful. We spent the first couple of days traveling around with our cameras and eating awesome food, seeing the reservation on our way to Girdwood (those photos will come in another post). But on Day 3 of the trip, Levi and Jess had arranged for a couple to model for us at Hatcher's Pass in the mountains. Jaclyn + Ben were a sensation. They had mentioned that they went quite a bit of time without seeing each other, and she had just picked him up from the airport, so naturally they couldnt keep their hands off of one another (photogs dream). They were just a few weeks away at this time from their OWN wedding which really made this feel real. Enjoy the photos, there are a crap-ton to look at! I can't even put into words what these images do for my own self-esteem, my heart and mind. They are just my favorite ever. The way the clouds affect the way the light plays on the side of these mountains, the fact that it was 9 and 10 PM while we took these, the way her hair blows in the wind on the top of that mountain. I was dead.




florals: @thatfeelingco

dress: @aandbe_bridalshop