Rachel + Brandon | Nassau Valley Vineyards Wedding | Lewes, DE

Where do I even begin with these two? I can still remember the first large wedding I ever photographed, and snapping a quick photo of Rachel + Brandon, this cute little boyfriend/girlfriend couple who looked so quiet and shy. I was pretty wrong. But the picture is cute :)

Fast forward some time and as I was shooting Kristen + Matt's wedding, (Brandon's older sister) I can still hear Kristen's conversation with someone while getting ready for her big day talking about this real cute couple and how "She's going to be around for a while" and "yeah, he'll marry her". Throwing it out there like she could see the future or something.

So, naturally, when Rachel emailed me about her own wedding.. I did a small and ridiculous happy dance in my kitchen. I was almost positive I would hear from her, because it seems to be a family pattern at this point, and I feel like the Shaver's are partly my family since I have captured so many imperative moments in their lives. BUT it was still awesome and I still squealed a little when it happened. 

Rachel + Brandon are one of those couples you meet and just know that they belong with one another. They are hilarious, have big hearts, and they're head over heels for each other. Instead of stuffing your mind with a bunch of unnecessary story fluff I have just made a list of events and cute things about their wedding day that I love and will never forget.

+ Brandon's gift to Rachel was a painting of their first date. Including, Jimmie & Sook's restaurant where they had dinner and they are wearing the exact outfits in the painting that they wore on their first date BECAUSE HE RECALLED THIS FROM MEMORY. Take notes, fellas.

+ There was about 2 hours of complete pouring rain midday that flooded the original ceremony location, so Jim Grey, both families, and Nassau staff helped to move the entire ceremony over next to the little brick building. A few tears were shed, but this day was still absolute perfection.  

+ I have never seen cuter children in a bridal party in my whole life.

+ The happy couple read the sweetest letters to each other (all while not looking) before the ceremony and I melted into a big puddle of goo.

+ Brandon's reaction when he saw his bride was absolutely priceless (scroll down to see)

+ Brandon's dad gave an amazing speech that I ugly-cried my way through and could barely see well enough to look through my view-finder.

+Rachel has the biggest most beautiful smile/laugh. And even when she is crying she looks like she's still smiling and it is freaking adorable. 

I am so thankful for amazing couples like these two and I feel so blessed that I get to witness real love like this on a weekly basis. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Shaver, I love you both!

Vendors: Florals||Jim Grey,City Florist. Hair||Michele Lecates. Makeup||Leila Marie Artistry. Venue||Nassau Valley Vineyard Lewes DE. Catering||Bethany Blues. Video||His & Hers Productions.


Kristin + David | Baywood Greens Wedding | Millsboro, Delaware

I don't even know where to start with these two! I feel like just yesterday we met for coffee to talk wedding details and Kristin + Dave told me they were pregnant with their sweet boy! I have since taken Jimmy's newborn photos, maternity/engagement for them and between all of this time spent together Kristin + Dave have really grown to be more than clients, they feel like close friends. Two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet! I am so happy that they make each other happy and that is absolutely plain to see and it was witnessed by all on their wedding day. 

Obviously a bride never looks forward to rain on her wedding day, but I have N.E.V.E.R seen a couple look so stunning under a clear umbrella in my entire life and I have the rain to thank for that ;) and THAT BRIDGE! 

Thank you two so much for bringing me into your lives and trusting me to document these special moments for you. Dave, your modeling skills make my job effortless and the love you guys share is so evident in these photos! Love you two! 

Venue + Florals : Baywood Greens 

Makeup: Blushed by Jackie Lowe

Hair: Jessica Omohundro with Blushed

DJ : DJ Wax [Robert Wax]

Photos: Leah Adkins Photography



Larry + Megan | Salisbury, MD Wedding | Green Hill Country Club

I met Larry + Megan at my first ever "I'm for real hired" wedding. It was Michele + Russell's big day (I LOVE THEM) and Larry had brought Megan as his date. I'm really not sure exactly, but I think this was the very very wee beginning for them. And if I had known that night that I would be blogging their gorgeous wedding today I think I would have snapped a few more pictures of them  shaking their booties on the dance floor. But who knew! 

Fast forward to this year and I had so much fun meeting with Megan and listening to her visions for her wedding day and I was drooling over her taste and how it would all come together in the end. Girlfriend is a DIYer like myself and I love that about her! She made the gorgeous floral chandeliers and her own bouquets, among other things. Watch out Martha Stewart. Their day was perfect weather, perfect timing. Everything was simply perfect. I couldn't ask for a better bridal party and bride/groom pair. GORGEOUS.

A short few weeks after their wedding, the groom Larry began another military deployment. Larry, I think I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice. I know it ain't easy leaving that beautiful bride behind. And Megan, a huge thank you to you also for letting him go and for your sacrifices also. You two are #GOALS, it's rare that you find a love like the both of you have for each other and I hope you cry lots of happy tears as you sift through these images. 

Congrats to the brand new MR. + MRS. LECATES! <3

Incredible vendors I had the pleasure of working with!

+Planning & Coordinating|Tiffany B. Wyatt Weddings

+Venue|Green Hill Country Club 

+Hair|Michele Lecates

+Ceremony & Reception Florals|Bleached Butterfly 

+Makeup|Jackie from Blushed



Sam + Sierra | Salisbury, MD Wedding | Green Hill Country Club

I have never been to or shot a brunch wedding, but even if I had.. I don't think any amount of them could ever top this one! 

When I sat down with Sierra for the first time I knew she was my type of bride. She brought her mom with her to our meeting so I knew she was super family oriented (much like myself) and I loved that. Listening to her tell me all of her wedding visions I knew it would be such a beautiful day, but the ceremony spot really blew me away. All of that candle light in that intimate space with all of the florals (GO AMI!) I could have just died happy right there in that room. The low light setting was a small challenge but I am so grateful and thankful for weddings that push my creative limits and inspire me! Their planner Tiffany did an incredible job of bringing their visions to life and made for a gorgeous day. 

Thank you so much Sam + Sierra for trusting me to document your wedding day. I'm so thankful for beautiful people like you two! 

Photography: Leah Adkins Photography

Florals: Little Miss Lovely

Makeup: Leila Riggin with Leila Marie Artistry

Hair: Angey King

Planning: Tiffany Bunting Wyatt

Venue: Green Hill Country Club

Cake: Miss Patti Cake

Dress: Downtown Bridal

Madison's Birth Story

I've been waiting forever to be able to write a blog post like this. Words can't really describe the feeling of being wanted at such a special place and time for two people. A super personal time, very emotional and raw and really just amazing. When Brooke told me she wanted her birth captured, I really almost fell into the floor. And I just about did the same when I woke up to THREE missed calls and the cutest text from Brooke:

Sunday, Feb 12, 7:01 AM

"Hey girlfriend my water broke! On my way to the hospital!"

I have never hopped out of my bed so quickly on a Sunday morning! Upon arrival to Labor & Delivery I was greeted by a large group of family that was so excited, but trying to hold that excitement in so they could keep the atmosphere peaceful for Brooke because girlfriend was in some serious pain. I don't think anyone could look that good either, being in that kind of pain.

The thing about babies is they never come into this world the way you think they will. They love turning our lives (and stomachs) upside down from the very start. Madison was no exception. While I gave the family and Brooke a little time, I sat in the waiting room and didnt even get my laptop open before Brooke's dad received a call that little Miss Madison was breech and they were rushing Brooke into an emergency cesarian. I got back just in time to watch Zach suit up and the team prep for surgery. 

I spent what felt like hours with Zach and Brooke's family, waiting to hear how it went, how the baby was, who does she look like? What did she weigh? How long? So many questions and guesses about Madison were buzzing through the air as more family arrived and finally we got some reassurance from a nurse. 

I finally got to go back to recovery to see Brooke. She was skin to skin with Madison, and all I could see was her sweet little hand sticking out from under Brooke's gown. Cutest little fingers I ever did see, though. I heard the little lullaby echo through the halls as they brought her bed into Mother Baby. (A lot of nostalgia for me, also). 

This day will be quite the story to share with their daughter when she gets older. I am so thankful for clients and friends like Brooke + Zach. Love you two so very much! You both have amazing family that loves you to the moon, and you deserve every bit. 

Madison, you really know how to make an entrance, girl. 

Jeannine + Davey | Wooded Smokey Engagement

I might be a little biased because Jeannine is my cousin through marriage, and Davey is the sweetest friend who I feel like Ive known forever, BUT SERIOUSLY HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE TWO. Like, they don't even have to put in effort, they just radiate love. I barely gave directions and their images look LIKE THIS *points to below stack of perfect pictures*. We just wandered through the woods, hit this little beach at the end of a back road, and then lit a smoke bomb in my back yard. and BOOM, done. So happy that God gave me the ability to do this for the people I love. 


Cant wait to celebrate with you guys. Love you! Muah!