Stephanie + Cory | Eastern Shore Yacht Club | Melfa, VA Wedding

Ever since I can remember, way back when in high school, every time I thought of Steph, I thought of Cory also. I think in many people's minds they are one entity. And not in the way that they are not their own person, but in a way that just simply means they have always been crazy about one another. 

I was so excited when they snagged me for their wedding date last year and this day was nothing short of perfect. The weather was perfect, there was a perfect covering of clouds on the sun for family portraits. Perfect is the only word that does any justice. Steph you are one of the sweetest people on this planet and you deserved every awesome detail of this day. You and Cory are loved by so many and it was so evident on October 1st, 2016. "Your day forever" :)

Congrats Mr. + Mrs. Chance!

Leah Adkins1 Comment