Ashley + E.W. | Classic Fountains Wedding | Salisbury, MD

Ashley + E.W.


Your day was more than perfect. I am honored to have been a part! 

Ash + I have been friends for a few years, we worked together in the E.D. at Peninsula and I remember seeing E.W. come in on the ambulance once in a while. I still remember the shift when Ashley came running up to me (the shift after they got engaged) and said "You're doing my wedding, RIGHT?" :) Um, OF COURSE I AM.

It felt like it took forever for September 17th to come and then before I knew it it was over, it went so fast. I cried a lot of happy tears at her reception watching how much both sides of these families just love this couple. They have such a strong foundation on this awesome relationship, beginning with family and I can't wait to watch them change over the years as we all grow old! 

Love you guys <3

Leah AdkinsComment