Dan + Danielle | Celebrations at the Bay | Baltimore, MD Wedding

When I met Dan + Danielle for the first time, I knew they were my kind of couple for two reasons. First of all, they both hugged me when they met me. I AM A HUGGER, and they hug too, and its awesome. The second reason is because they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Not in a disgusting way, but that raw and pure love kind of way. I didn't have to instruct them in any way with posing, or where to put their hands. It came completely natural to them. I love that! It's a type of movement and feeling that reflects through images and can't be faked.

Fast forward to their wedding day, and I'll give you reason #3 they're my fav- they're FUN. The whole wedding party. They know how to get down. Dan + Danielle, you guys are the sweetest and most genuine people. I love your love, and I am so honored to have been a part of the best day of your lives. You guys deserve it! Everyone present could blatantly see that you two are meant to be.

Here's to forever, Mr. + Mrs. Morris!