Kayla + Brandon | Engaged!

When I first spoke to Kayla in person, we were at a wedding in the hottest part of August. I was shooting the wedding and she was running the catering (AND OWNING IT BTW) and we were both so sweaty and gross. It was HOT. She was exhausted and working her butt off but was still the sweetest person there. She still threw a smile up on that adorable face of hers. I just love her.

Fast forward to their engagement session! (And freezing our fingers and toes off) I mean I am a sucker for anything artsy, but NEVER EVER has one of my couples, more importantly the groom of the two, pulled out a sketchbook. I was just enthralled by Brandon's drawings. SO FREAKIN' CUTE. I can't get enough. These two were so easy to shoot, they are head over heels and it didn't take me but 5 minutes of shooting to be able to tell you that. They're champion smugglers for sure. I cant wait for their Furnace Town wedding in June! <3


Leah Adkins5 Comments