Adalyn's Journey


I have been email and text pals with Meisha since December of 2014, when she first found out she was having her second baby. She had it all planned out, some maternity shoots through out her pregnancy, hospital shots, newborn shoot. We had it all figured out, or so we thought! I'm sure that this was nothing short of having her world flipped upside down when she was put on bedrest and then delivered Miss Adalyn the end of April (formerly being due in July). I have never seen someone take on something so difficult with such a wonderful attitude.  

I met Meisha in the lobby of the hospital, she greeted me with such a sweet and warm attitude (& a hug), and we made the trek to NICU. All I could think was "She does this". Signs in. Gets a badge. Gets asked who she is and what room she is going to 7 times on the way there. And then I met this sweet baby girl, and all of a sudden, the signing in and process of getting to the room really didn't matter anymore. This 2 pound little bundle of joy ( I have never seen a baby so small ) was just so precious. It is AMAZING to me that someone so tiny can have so much detail and personality- that someone so tiny can still look just like their parents. God is truly awesome. And so are these two people that he is putting through this journey. 

I'm not sure if the same thoughts run through anyone else's heads when they think of it, but I don't think I could ever fathom leaving a hospital after a pregnancy without my baby. Having to go home and sleep knowing that they are somewhere else, its got to be tough. Looking at her through glass and not being able to touch her. Even just to take her out of the bed it is a process with moving wires, etc. I feel like all parents who are enduring this need support. Whether it be through prayer, a community group, anything really. Meisha and Adrian are rockstar parents. The best part about them is their humbleness, warmth, and gratitude to have Adalyn, regardless of the negative. 

I cannot wait to celebrate Adalyn's homecoming with the Shockley family. She's got a big sister who is anxiously waiting for her to come home. I am so honored to have had this experience and to have met such wonderful people in the process.

Welcome to the world, Adalyn Marie Shockley!