Steph's Bridal Shower|Vienna, MD


Stephanie and Phil are finally tying the knot! T-minus 33 days is the count-down at this point. So over the moon ecstatic for two of the best people I know and have ever met to be spending their lives together, and coming together as a hilarious power couple to make us all laugh for eternity.

Last weekend we held Steph's bridal shower at Layton's Chance winery in Vienna. BEAUTIFUL setting in the country, and not to mention, an amazing frozen peach wine slushy! Obviously with all of these fabulous women attending there were plenty of laughs, and lots of tears flowing. Steph plays a huge role in my life, as well as all of these other ladies and the love that I felt for her Sunday was overwhelming and she is/was deserving of every bit. Anyone who knows Stephanie is aware of her contagious sense of humor, smile, laugh, all of that stuff that makes you love a person so much; so it was so rewarding and privileging to share this day with her and celebrate the love that her and Phil share with each other.

Steph's flower crown and arrangements: Flourish          

Adorable Pies in every scrumptious flavor: The Ugly Pie            

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