Madison's Birth Story

I've been waiting forever to be able to write a blog post like this. Words can't really describe the feeling of being wanted at such a special place and time for two people. A super personal time, very emotional and raw and really just amazing. When Brooke told me she wanted her birth captured, I really almost fell into the floor. And I just about did the same when I woke up to THREE missed calls and the cutest text from Brooke:

Sunday, Feb 12, 7:01 AM

"Hey girlfriend my water broke! On my way to the hospital!"

I have never hopped out of my bed so quickly on a Sunday morning! Upon arrival to Labor & Delivery I was greeted by a large group of family that was so excited, but trying to hold that excitement in so they could keep the atmosphere peaceful for Brooke because girlfriend was in some serious pain. I don't think anyone could look that good either, being in that kind of pain.

The thing about babies is they never come into this world the way you think they will. They love turning our lives (and stomachs) upside down from the very start. Madison was no exception. While I gave the family and Brooke a little time, I sat in the waiting room and didnt even get my laptop open before Brooke's dad received a call that little Miss Madison was breech and they were rushing Brooke into an emergency cesarian. I got back just in time to watch Zach suit up and the team prep for surgery. 

I spent what felt like hours with Zach and Brooke's family, waiting to hear how it went, how the baby was, who does she look like? What did she weigh? How long? So many questions and guesses about Madison were buzzing through the air as more family arrived and finally we got some reassurance from a nurse. 

I finally got to go back to recovery to see Brooke. She was skin to skin with Madison, and all I could see was her sweet little hand sticking out from under Brooke's gown. Cutest little fingers I ever did see, though. I heard the little lullaby echo through the halls as they brought her bed into Mother Baby. (A lot of nostalgia for me, also). 

This day will be quite the story to share with their daughter when she gets older. I am so thankful for clients and friends like Brooke + Zach. Love you two so very much! You both have amazing family that loves you to the moon, and you deserve every bit. 

Madison, you really know how to make an entrance, girl.